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Chris Jagger and I-Sha-Vii with journalists

Chris Jagger tour pt. 1

Between 28/04 -8/05 I-Sha-Vii was traveling with Chris Jagger and his acoustic Trio (Elliet Mackrell and Charlie Hart); opening for them at 10 gigs. Here’s a list of all the gigs: 28/04 – World Trade Centre, Poznan 29/04 – Zdunskie Centrum Kultury, Zdunska Wola 30/04 – Dawno Temu na Kazimierzu, Krakow 1/05 – Dawno Temu […]

I-Sha-Vii at Distillers London

Opening for Chris Jagger

We are very proud to announce that I-Sha-Vii will be opening for Chris Jagger and his acoustic band on their Polish tour in May 2018. She is preparing some new songs to share with the Polish audience, along with something special in Polish. For a full list of venues and details, check out the TOUR […]

I-Sha-Vii playing the guitar by Jorge Puentes

Nina Ann on Made in Bristol TV

On the 11th of July Nina Ann appeared live on Made in Bristol TV to promote her next day’s No.1 Harbourside concert. Click play to watch the Crunch. Nina appears in the early part of the show for an interview with Chris Arnold and Esme Todd. Later on the show she performs her Montpellier Song; even though not […]


‘About’ in two paragraphs

I-Sha-Vii is a hippie singer-songwriter on a mission: to make the people around her happier. She performs original material and the songs which made her feel good or kept her company while hitching on her own across the US and Europe. I-Sha-Vii wants to share with you the beauty that she found inside her so that your soul can shine even stronger. She will give your heart a hug.

I-Sha-Vii’s music is a journey across the world of beauty and love; it reflects her everyday pilgrimage to an unknown place that one day will be called ‘home’.

For more details go to BIO

I-Sha-Vii: music

Live performance

Original live music inspired by stories from the road. An intimate night full of beauty and happiness. I-Sha-Vii engages the audience and makes everyone in the house feel lighter than before. Prepare yourself to snap your fingers, tap your toes, hold your breath in and fall in love.


Are you looking for a singer in Bristol? I-Sha-Vii is always happy to collaborate with other artists. She can support your project with lead and backing vocals as well as samples of her songs. I-Sha-Vii is interested in studio and live work; one-time appearances and long-term cooperation.

Just email her with some details about your ideas and what you’re looking for.

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I-Sha-Vii hitch hiking from Knoxville to Nashville