The Montpellier Song - recorded at DBS studios and produced by Ben Harvey for Olga Czerkwiani's movie (to be released)

I-Sha-Vii - vocals, guitar

Whispering - song recorded with Moonshine Oddity

I-Sha-Vii - vocals
Grzegorz Kosek - guitar
Maciej Sitkowski - bass guitar

Looking for a friend (with Easy Money) - recorded and produced by Paweł Pilecki. Published on Krakowskie Klimaty Bluesowe by Mediapixel in 2014.

I-Sha-Vii (as Nina Sawicka) - vocals
Paweł Pilecki - guitar
Krzysztof Famulicki - guitar, vocals

Sielanka o Domu (originally by Wolna Grupa Bukowina) - a video taken at the Strand Theatre in Vicksburg, MS where I-Sha-Vii performed as Nina during her hitch hiking trip around the US.