Nina Ann on the radio x2!

Nina Ann, John and Pete on the Hub radio

During the past 10 days Nina appeared on two different radio stations to promote her upcoming gigs and play some music.

12th of June was the day for BSR FM and the Jelli Records Music Show. Nina met with Steve Parkhouse to discuss her work. She performed 4 tunes in open D: Josh, Talk to Me (Dave offered that title on air… and the title stayed) – her stories from the US, an untitled track that she’d just finished writing and 4+20 by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. The show was well organised and all the guys were very professional – and rather official.
The catch up will be available HERE soon.


On the 20th of June Nina was a guest of The Hub’s (UWE’s radio station) show by Pete Westlund and John Grierson. It was John’s last week in Bristol so the show was bitter sweet. Nina was amazed by the relaxed atmosphere of the program.

It’s just the two of us chilling, listening to the music and talking about what we hear; which is exactly what we’d be doing right now anyway, if we didn’t have the show.

Nina played a few originals in standard E tuning including A Song for TonyMy Latest Manifesto and The Montpellier Song.
Even although the amazing atmosphere, Nina was a bit shy and didn’t say a word about her travels almost until the end of the show. Once she mentioned hitch hiking solo around the US the guys opened their eyes wide and wanted to know more… so Nina managed to present a short version of her story in under two minutes!